Why Colleen Pace, Clinical Liaison Gets Excited about Her Job – We Give Patients their Life Back!

I am often asked why I am always so excited about my job.  It’s easy –I am fortunate that I get to impact people in so many ways.

Not just the patients but families or whoever their people are.  The population at an Intensive Care Unit is fragile and sometimes forgotten about because they are “stuck” for so long in the ICUs.  They often don’t survive.

I have been told more than once not to worry about taking a certain patient to our hospital because they probably won’t survive.

Those are the patients I am compelled to try and admit so we can give them a chance and these doctors and nurses get to see this patient not just survive but do well.  So many of these patients get a chance at getting their life back.

Our staff at Lourdes Specialty of Southern New Jersey is second to none. They are invested and have this amazing ability to see in our patients what others cannot.  I don’t want to make them sound like miracle workers however they are the closest thing to it.  Our team has had the privilege of seeing some amazing and very humbling recoveries that have left us all in tears.

We try to create options for those patients that have very limited options.  We educate our patients and their families and create some hope.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not humbled by someone’s circumstance.  I am grateful every single day for this job that I get to touch someone’s life.

As I write this I smile because  I know what I sound like. But this is why my fellow nurses and healthcare workers out here in the hospitals smile at me and shake their heads and absolutely love sending their patients to us.

Colleen Pace
Clinical Liaison