Why Acuity?

The Acuity team is focused on the development and operation of Long-Term Acute Care (LTACH) hospitals and the delivery of specialized care with improved outcomes.

We offer quality care in a cost-effective manner to medically complex patients who require intensive hospital services for an extended length of stay.

We possess the unique knowledge of how LTACH services can and should work within today’s post-acute continuum. What does this mean for you and your loved ones needing long-term care?

It means that when you enter an Acuity Healthcare hospital, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.  

Acuity Specialty Hospitals’ Success Stories

Daniel Delgado

Daniel Delgado is a 36 year old male who presented to our facility from University Hospital with a diagnosis of Respiratory Failure. The patient presented with uncontrolled HTN, aortic dissection, CVA, aortic graft repair and bilateral fem bypass. Due to illness, patient developed acute renal failure and required hemodialysis. The patient developed pericardial tamponade and acute liver shock. All physicians gave a poor prognosis. At point of discharge, the patient continued with a tracheostomy on room air, off dialysis, liver enzymes were back to baseline, patient was able to ambulate, wounds were healed, nutrition improved, PEG tube was removed and diet was tolerated. The patient was discharged to a rehab facility to continue physical, speech and occupational therapy. This is Daniel’s story:

My symptoms started at home with numbness to my Lower Extremities. I was then taken to University Hospital and had a long complicated stay there, which involved me being in the ICU on a ventilator, acute renal failure with dialysis and many other complications. My family was given a poor prognosis. I was then transferred to Acuity Hospital for Long Term Acute Care under the supervision of Dr. Gonzaba. At this time, I was only on a tracheostomy collar and dialysis but not yet walking. The team of physical therapists, Michael Ann and Michele, gave me encouragement. The speech therapist, Christy, helped me communicate with the use of a speaking valve, allowing me to talk with my family. I believe what influenced my recovery was the care and the compassion that the team of nurses and therapists showed me.

As well, my primary physician, Dr. Gonzaba, and my renal physician, Dr. Idoux, also showed me a great deal of concern and never gave up on me. I am really looking forward to going back to work, but currently I am overjoyed that I have returned home to be an active part in my family’s life. I am enjoying cooking and cleaning for my wife, as well as any opportunity I get to barbeque on the weekends for them. Therefore, one of my main goals in life is knowing how important it is to maintain my health, by eating right, exercising and taking my meds and routine follow-ups. I would like to thank Dr. Gonzaba, Dr. Idoux and Dr. Higuichi for their support during my stay at Acuity Hospital.



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Why Acuity?