Why Acuity Gives More – An Employee Owner’s Perspective

The right thing for the right reason, that when put into play promotes the accomplishment of a common goal. Acuity Specialty Hospital was started with that moral compass as the guide to our team.

A team that was built for our community, our valley and our family to be more than just a name and a hospital. 

A team that shows everyone that with the right people, the right leadership, the right direction that we lead by example and show just how resilient and amazing people can do amazing things. This very thought was the reason that I came to Acuity from the beginning, so we could not be disappointed.

So let us fast forward to present day, over 10 years later and ongoing development, construction and ownership transitions and what do we see?  Challenges…yes, Challenges!  Good or bad, the challenges are what pushes us to do more.  More you say, why would anyone want to give more?  It is simple, we always have more to give as healthcare providers.  We give more because it is the right thing for the right reason for the patients, the families and the profession.  That is why Acuity Specialty Hospital-Ohio Valley was created and continues to succeed.

We give more for the smile of the patient when they are delivered in the chair by a crew that is willing and able to hold their weight when they cannot.

We give more for the tears of a departed family member and when the spouse only needs a hand to hold, an ear to listen and a shoulder to lean.

We give more for the physician phone call at 2:30am because we know in our hearts and gut that something is not right with the patient and we will do whatever it takes to care for that patient.

We give more for the extended shift to chart, the overtime so we do not leave a team member behind or the extra cup of coffee we grab for our team mate who had a rough night last night and needs a pick me up tonight.

We give more; not because of expectation but to enforce what is earned at a place we call our own.  Our hard work, dedication and commitment to each other demands more and never less.

We support each other like a foundation of a house, with strength, dignity and dependability.  It looks like an oversight but the more we give is emphatically noticed and becomes who we are; Acuity Specialty Hospital of Ohio Valley.

We are ACUITY SPECIALTY HOSPITAL of OHIO VALLEY- It is always about patients, families and coworkers. 


By: Shawn Kemper, Employee Owner