When Your Loved One Needs Specialty Care: Acuity Hospital of South Texas – They Help You Breathe Easier

When your loved one needs further treatment, a long-term acute care hospital might be the best clinical setting for them. When Gabriel Ramos was admitted to Acuity Hospital of South Texas, he was in respiratory failure, requiring a ventilator. His family selected Acuity because of its outstanding reputation, providing respiratory care to critically ill patients. After 27 days, Ramos was successfully weaned from his ventilator and was eating mashed peaches, his first food in nearly a month. Today, thanks to the dedicated medical staff at Acuity Hospital of South Texas, Ramos has made a full recovery.

How is this attained? Acuity Hospital of South Texas is not your typical hospital. Acuity has a pulmonary program that helps patients meet their maximum potential lung function. The goal is simple: liberation from supplemental oxygen to the maximum potential lung function, which might include weaning a patient from a ventilator or decreasing a patient’s dependence on supplemental oxygen.

Board certified pulmonary intensivists closely direct and balance the needs of critically ill patients with proven pulmonary protocols. The facility also has dedicated physicians from multiple specialties, experienced nurses, respiratory-care attendants, rehabilitation therapists, dietitians, and case managers, all, who tend to patients who need constant care.

To ensure the highest caliber of individualized treatment plans, Acuity’s medical team collaborates closely with patients and family members. The foremost goal for most patients is to return to their former lives.

Last year, Connie Espinoza, who had no prior health issues, was admitted to Acuity and placed on a ventilator, after falling on a sidewalk. Today, she is on the road to recovery and hopes to be writing children’s books again.

Acuity Hospital of South Texas is conveniently located in downtown San Antonio, and serves the city, the Texas Hill Country, and the Rio Grande Valley. The hospital is a beautiful and modern 30-bed long-term acute care facility. It has 12 intensive-care unit beds and special procedure suites with the latest technology, including computed tomography (CT) scanning. The hospital is also equipped to handle infectious diseases and wound treatment. Jose Silva was not only weaned from a ventilator for respiratory failure, but was treated and recovered from wounds to his right ankle.

Acuity Hospital of South Texas has been awarded the Beacon Award, which is issued by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses to intensive care units, and in this case, a hospital that exemplifies leadership, appropriate staffing, effective communication, outcome measurement, and evidence-based practices and processes. To learn more about Acuity Healthcare or to schedule a tour, please visit www.acuityhealthcare.net or call us at 210.572.4646.

Pictured here is Gabriel Ramos. All smiles after he made a full recovery.