#TeamAcuity: Why I Became A Nurse by Leah Gross

My name is Leah Gross and when I was growing up I watched my mother who had been a nurse for years as she polished her shoes daily and washed her nursing cap. I still remember she was always preparing for work. I can still see that nursing cap in my mind laying on a towel drying on the countertop. I would listen to the numerous stories she told the family about people getting better and going back home to live with their families. Sometimes she would be sad and she would speak of someone who had lost a loved one. I always thought of my mother as a superhero running around saving lives. I wanted to be just like her!

I became a nurse 25 years ago and have experienced some of the same things she has, people getting better and people dying. Some days are easy and some days are hard, especially when you lose a patient you have become close with! When I first became a nurse I was going to save the world and remembered all the names and faces of the people I cared for. As time passes by and I have cared for so many people, it becomes harder to remember all the faces and names.

Acuity has become our second home for many of us who have continued our journey caring for the sick. We start off not knowing anyone and working daily side by side with our coworkers, we then become friends and then most important we become a team. I can say I work with the best staff at Acuity that I have ever worked with. It is an honor and privilege to work with the best! Thanks to all the staff for being on our Acuity Team.

Leah and her mom