#TeamAcuity – From One Employee Owner to Another – Thank You for All You Do!

I am often asked by friends that also work in accounting why I continue to work in the AP department? My answer is always the same, I believe what we do in AP is important; it takes money to make money. AP makes sure our vendors are paid on time to avoid interruption of the services we need to be productive. We are the go to for vendors when they are looking for payments for services or products. When the facilities need vendors added, we are the ones that make sure the vendors are legitimate before issuing checks; requesting W-9s and checking government sites to make sure there are no red flags for the vendors.  AP is not only data entry, it’s customer service, when we speak to vendors that are not always friendly we have to remain professional and courteous because we are representing Acuity Healthcare.

The person that has been recognized as Employee of the Quarter makes sure invoices for the Service Center are paid in a timely manner, she processes invoices and ensures the correct facility is being billed.

She works closely with our legal department to make sure all fees are paid and she is a member of the Employee Owner Committee/Activities Committee, Daisy Rivas.

From one Employee Owner to another, I would like to extend a big thank you to Daisy for all she does every day to make Acuity Healthcare the best of the best!

Pictured here: Daisy Rivas, left, and Chiceea Cook, right,  Employee Owner and AP manager.

Written by: Chiceea Cook, Employee Owner and Manager of AP.