#TeamAcuity – David Kozusnik from Respiratory Therapist to Clinical Liaison, Providing patients and families a smooth transition when coming to Acuity

I have been employed with Acuity Specialty Hospital since February 2010, initially as respiratory therapist. In February of 2016, I started my position as a clinical liaison. My six years of experience working with patients, physicians, and staff helps me today when questions arise from families prior to admitting to our facilities. I have a great deal understanding how a typical day operates so I can relate my experiences with the families.

When I first meet the patient or family, I like to explain to them what role we play, goals for the potential patient, and the team will carry out the plan of care to achieve those goals. When I was a respiratory therapist I would get to know the patient and patient’s family so well that they would feel comfortable on trusting my judgements when treating their loved one.

Today, as a clinical liaison, my job is to help bridge the nervousness that patients and families may experience when going from a STAC to an LTAC setting. The best way to help ease the anxiety is to educate them on what Acuity Specialty Hospital is all about, so again I get to build a relationship the patient and their families. The key for a smooth transition is relating to the patients, listening to their concerns, and answering any questions they may have. The families I talk to are surprised that we are a hospital in a hospital.

My experience shows the benefits families have when there is an open dialog with our staff members and physicians, giving them a clearer and definitive understanding what is going on with their family member.

I have had families question “how long before my love one will be weaned from the ventilator” we are unable to predict and give answers to those questions since each patient is different, however I can share our outcomes that are reported every quarter to show that we have positive results. After families review this information it helps them gain assurance that Acuity is the right choice. We offer a great service to our community, not only the great staff that works for Acuity, but also in what Acuity stands for.

David Kozusnik, Clinical Liaison