Great Mental Attitude is Key During Recovery

James Gyorko knew that something was wrong. He started to complain of shortness of breath, and was diagnosed with pneumonia at a local hospital. He ended up on a ventilator at the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System.

When he had trouble being weaned from the ventilator, he was admitted to Acuity Specialty Hospital of Ohio Valley, Wheeling campus, on February 24, 2018, for ventilator weaning, treatment of pneumonia, and other complex medical conditions.

During his stay with Acuity, the multi-disciplinary team was able to help him with his anxiety, due to the complexity of his tracheostomy, and regulate his breathing to help him gain the ability to be able to breathe on his own.

Nursing and respiratory therapists coordinated his care with the attending physician and pulmonologist to maximize his treatment and to create the best environment to wean him from the breathing machine by March 15, 2018.

Gyorko served over two years in Vietnam and says his positive mental attitude kept him alive during his tour there. It’s that same positive outlook that he’s been maintaining during his current recovery.

Always wearing a big smile, Gyorko has enjoyed sharing stories about visits with his family, and how the team at Acuity has quickly become an extension of his family. “I love this place,” says Gyorko.

Acuity Specialty Hospital of Ohio Valley is currently pursuing the Disease Specific Respiratory Failure Program Certification offered by the Joint Commission. Obtaining this certification will set a standard of excellence and will assist in maintaining a consistently high-level of quality of care provided to our patients.

Gyorko has been an active participant in this program. While Gyorko has been a patient at Acuity, he’s received physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Gyorko has worked very hard with our therapy department, and has been able with help to stand up.

Since Gyorko has progressed so well, the Acuity team is presently working with him on a discharge plan to a rehabilitation facility, with the ultimate goal of him going home. Gyorko, who is very motivated to move to the next level, says he’s very appreciative of all the help from our staff.

 Mr. Gyorko and Rick Bain (respiratory therapist), a veteran caring for a veteran.