As the only Employee Owned Hospital Company, we are committed to serving medically complex patients and their families with exceptional and compassionate care while providing superior clinical and service outcomes.


To be the most trusted specialty hospital and post-acute care provider by offering an unparalleled patient experience through diversification, growth, and engagement of our employee owners.

Acuity Healthcare is a proud employee owned healthcare provider …

  • We desire to implement a plan that best preserves our company legacy, culture, and most importantly its employees.
  • We desire to provide broad based employee ownership that allows employees to benefit directly in our company’s future success.
  • We created an Employee Owned Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) in 2013.
  • Acuity Healthcare is the only hospital company that is 100% employee owned.
  • We are owned by members of the local communities to which we provide healthcare services.

What does this mean to our employees …

  • This allows our employees to take pride in what they do while producing a culture of ownership.
  • We offer a benefit that allows employees to focus on the care of our patients.

What does this mean to our physicians, patients and their families …

  • ESOPs are associated with lower voluntary employee turnover.1
  • Managed ESOPs experience increased productivity growth with greater engaged employees.2
  • Lower employee turnover with more engaged employees translates to a more stable working and visiting environment for our physicians, patients, and their families.

For more information on becoming an Acuity Healthcare employee owner visit our employment page.

1. Source: 2012, “Does Linking Worker Pay to Firm Performance Help the Best Firms do better,” National Bureau of Economic Research
2. Source:1987, US GAO Study

Employee Stock Ownership Program