Meet Our Heroes: Jessica Cyphers, RN

This week we can’t wait to introduce you to another of our special Acuity #healthcareheroes! Please meet Jessica Cyphers, RN, at our Morgantown hospital. Read on to find out why Jessica has always wanted to be a nurse and why working here is so rewarding for her.

Meet Our Heroes: Interview with Staff Ambassador, Esteban Cardona

We’d like to share an interview with you this week to introduce you to another one of the #healthcareheroes who make Acuity a special place for healthcare and healing. Esteban Cardona is one of the team members who works tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that our clinical staff receives just as much care as they give their patients.

Healthy Sun Exposure for Summer

We’re all ready to be outside and take advantage of the sunshine and warm temperatures now that summer has arrived. This sun exposure can be good for your mood and energy levels, but too much can cause sun damage to your skin which can be very harmful and result in future health complications.

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