Upon approval for admission, an admission date and time are coordinated between Acuity Specialty Hospital, the referral source, the referring physician, the patient and/or family. Communication is arranged between the referring physician and the Acuity Specialty Hospital attending Physician. There are also participating Physician Specialty groups providing care at Acuity Specialty Hospital.  Each patient is seen daily by an attending Physician and all patients care will be coordinated by a multidisciplinary team  including Specialty Physicians. Each patient will be assigned a Case Manager upon admission.  Within  24-48 hours, your Case Manager will coordinate a family meeting to discuss the plan and goals of care.

It is helpful to have the following information available upon admission:

  • Personal Identification card(s)
  • Insurance cards or Medicare cards
  • Living will, power of attorney or durable power of attorney if applicable
  • Copy of an organ donation request card if applicable

We strongly suggest you leave valuables at home. The hospital is not responsible for valuables or money kept in your room.