#AcuitySuccessStory: Patricia Weese, A Medical Miracle

On March 24, 2017 Patricia Weese’s life changed forever when she suffered a major heart attack.

Pat is one of those people that always makes you smile. She has had a rough life. She has survived breast cancer and multiple car accidents that broke her back and kept her from living her dream of becoming a gym teacher. This heart attack was just another bump on her road of life that would change her direction one more time.

Pat’s story is definitely one for the record books. She is truly the definition of a “medical miracle,” having survived a quadruple bypass, fluids taken from her lungs multiple times, failing kidneys, a failing liver, three infections including a Candida fungal infection in her blood stream that kills 40 out of 100 people, being in a coma, and even coding (breathing stopped) three times. She fought against all odds and won.

Pat spent just over five months in multiple hospitals and a rehab facility. Her determination to come back from all she had been through was apparent from day one. One of the main reasons she did so well and recovered was due to the staff at Acuity Specialty Hospital of Southern New Jersey.

“All the great things happened in two’s,” said Patricia Weese, a West Deptford resident. “The team at Acuity Specialty Hospital is phenomenal,” she continued. “I never realized how much you need people until I took my first step in four months.  This team got me back on my feet with their support, caring and nurturing environment,” said Weese. This was going to be the fight of Pat’s life and she needed all hands on board. “From Jennifer Kunkle who setup the transition to Acuity, to the physical therapy team lead by Beth Reeves. They all showed so much love, support and knowledge that there was no doubt success would happen, Pat just needed some extra time. Not only did the team take care of Pat they made sure that I was taken care of emotionally,” said Tracie Collins, Pat’s life partner.

Tracie was by her side every day, sometimes twice a day. “When I woke up and saw her standing next to me holding my hand I fell in love with her all over again. She is my ROCK”, said Weese. “I have looked my entire life for someone so caring and I can’t believe she waited over 4 months for me to get better. She never gave up on me and she knew I was in there fighting my way back.” There is no more putting off things, Pat says she wants to get in the car and go on vacation north to travel up the coast to Maine. Tracie and Pat promised each other to always be there for each other and exchanged rings of promise for a wedding in their future. “This woman is one of the strongest people I know. She fought so hard to come back that there was no way I was letting her go,” said Tracie. “She is my best friend and I love that she is so strong.”

“Thank you Acuity. Neither of us would have survived without your outstanding first-rate staff.”

Tracie, (left) and Patricia and the photo of the rings from the ring exchange.