Acuity Success Story: John Davidson: 79 nine days in three different hospitals

After spending 79 days in the hospital, John Davidson of Wheeling, West Virginia, is happy he can walk and cut his own grass again.

John, a former patient of Acuity Specialty Hospital of Ohio Valley, was admitted to the Belmont Campus after experiencing complications from a prior surgery causing a bowel obstruction and respiratory failure, requiring him to use oxygen through his tracheostomy. After surgery, John developed a blood stream infection which required four different antibiotics to treat. In addition, he was nutritionally challenged since he wasn’t able to eat anything by mouth and relied on total parental nutrition, food through intravenous therapy due to his colonic ileus, a defect of the large intestine that causes digestive issues and abdominal pain. After John’s medical condition was stabilized he worked very hard with our therapy staff, to prepare him for his next trip to wellness and on his way to rehabilitation.

“The team at Acuity were terrific! We cannot say enough positive things about them, we felt like we were part of their family,” said Judy Davidson, John’s wife. “We recently went back to visit the team and they were all so excited to see John walking again. I truly believe that this team is the reason my husband is back on his feet and walking again,” continued Davidson.

Acuity Specialty Hospital of Ohio Valley is excited to see that John is home with his wife, walking with a cane and cutting his own grass again.

Mr. and Mrs. John Davidson