Acuity Employee Owner Making a Difference Using Her Sewing Machine

Madison is a 13-year-old who had a bad stomachache in November 2017. The stomachache turned out to be a bowel blockage. She had to have a colostomy.

Two surgeries later and after her colostomy, she was placed in a medically induced coma. Her condition and prognosis was poor, the doctors were not sure if she would be able to recover.

Three hours later, Madison woke up and asked to watch her favorite movie, Frozen.

She was in the ICU for three weeks and today is home schooled and lives with an ostomy pouch.  A 13 year-old girl living with an ostomy pouch is tough enough but then trying to find a nice cover was a challenge for her mom, Kristin.

Kristin, knowing her friend Faith is a seamstress, called her and asked for help. She needed covers for Madison’s colostomy bag.

Faith is a fulltime pharmacy technician at Acuity Specialty Hospital of Ohio Valley at Weirton. Faith worked tirelessly to learn how to make pretty ostomy covers for Madison.

The team at Acuity is coming together to support Faith. People are donating their old scrubs to be used as the fabric, and money for new material.

What Faith started out to do was help one young lady find a pretty cover for her ostomy bag – now has turned into a community effort to offer free ostomy bags to children at Akron Children’s Hospital.

Faith continues to reach out to other children’s hospitals in the area to offer the free bags to provide hope and comfort to others.

Madison loves the bags and now all the bags come with a photo of Madison and a special note. The note reads….”Hi, my name is Madison. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2017. I was very sick and very scared. I had to have a colostomy. I was very nervous about this. My mom and her friend came up with the ostomy bag covers and this helped me feel so much better about this experience. I hope this will help you get thru this too!”

If you or someone you know has old scrubs and would like to donate them, please contact Heather Kemper at 412.200.0204.