Joe and Carol Rott are usually snowbirds in Florida, but 2021 was a different year altogether for the couple.

In mid-February, when they arrived back early at their South Jersey home, Joe began to experience chest pains.  After complaining about the pain for several days, Joe decided on Feb. 16 to go to the local emergency room. He was immediately admitted.

The next day, Joe was in an induced coma. Carol was notified by hospital staff to come to the hospital; her husband’s condition required immediate action. As Joe was being prepped for open heart surgery, Carol was both hoping for the best but preparing to say goodbye.

Fortunately, Joe made it through the long and complex operation, but it would take time before he was out of the woods. He spent 12 days in the intensive care unit. When Joe was transferred to Acuity Specialty Hospital of New Jersey, he arrived on a ventilator. Because of COVID-19, restrictions were in place.

“The staff was wonderful,” recalls Carol. “They would talk to him, reassure him, and tell him what was happening. I can’t say enough about all the personal interest everyone took in Joe.”

Joe showed improvement every day, rising above challenges that included being weaned off pain medication and potential COVID exposure. Throughout the ordeal, the Acuity staff kept Carol and their two daughters well informed through family conferences.

Finally, the day came when Joe no longer needed the vent. He could breathe on his own. “I cannot say enough about Acuity,” offers Carol. “If Joe hit the call bell, someone always came in and it wasn’t always a nurse. It was a member of the team that walked by.” Carol not only saw what makes Acuity so special, she felt it.

“They treated me like a member of their family,” she says. Along with Acuity staff, Carol was quick to praise the facility, from the top-notch cleanliness to the good food.

Today, Joe is back home with his devoted family. He continues to receive physical and occupational therapy once a week. Looking ahead, Joe and Carol plan to return to Acuity to offer their personal thanks to everyone who took such a personal interest in Joe’s recovery.