A Special Note from an Employee Owner

I didn’t realize it until Facebook reminded me—what did we ever do without Facebook?—that I have been your Infection Control Manager for one year… and what a year it’s been.  I wanted to share with all of you the dedication that precedes the CDC’s 2019 Antimicrobial Resistance Report.  I feel that it is the most succinct and eloquent way to emphasize the impact of drug-resistant infections and the responsibility that we all have to curb this impact.  The dedication also shares my sentiment on how grateful I am for everyone’s hard work in keeping not only the patients and their loved ones safe, but each other and all of our loved ones safe as well.  It has been a year filled with ups and downs, but the blood, sweat, and tears that we have all shed protecting our patients and each other has not and will never go unnoticed.  In the past year in one way or another, you have all taught me how to be a better leader, nurse, and colleague.

We are the LTAC—“the other ICU”—no one will be able to match our heart, determination, and commitment!

As always, I’m available for questions, concerns, and nerdy infection control/occupational health conversations.  You know where to find me.  Have a great night and an even better 2020!

By Robert Halliwell, RN
Infection Prevention Manager/CMS Quality Analyst