Everyone has bad days. Maybe you had a rushed morning, spilled your coffee, and the dog got into the trash can again. Or, you may find yourself in a bit of a rut and are in need of a pick-me-up. Whatever it is, there are many different exercises and tools you can do to get a boost. We’ve gathered a few of our favorites and created a helpful guide to keep you going all day long.

Take a minute for mindfulness

There is no such thing as “not enough time” for a quick mindfulness session. It need not be a big production–it takes only moments to re-center and check in with yourself. This can help unite the mind and body to relieve stress-inducing thoughts. Mindfulness is simply to be aware or conscious of yourself in the present, physical moment.

Find a quiet place to sit alone wherever you are. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Try counting your breaths to give your mind a task. Then, start paying attention to the different sensations in your body. Take note of the weight of yourself sitting in a chair, or your clothes against your skin. Continue this for as long as you need, and just keep breathing slow, deep breaths.

Go outside

Sometimes spending too much time in the same place can make you a little stir-crazy. Try going for a walk around your neighborhood or a nearby park. Walking, like other forms of exercise, helps release endorphins and dopamine, which are responsible for regulating your mood.

Going out when it’s sunny can be even more beneficial. This is because vitamin D has proven to improve symptoms of depression in patients. So take a seat somewhere or lay out and soak up the sun.

Put on your favorite playlist

Listening to uplifting music or your favorite playlist can also help release dopamine in the brain. When listening to music, different parts of the brain light up as our ears register the changing sounds. This can result in our heartbeat matching the music and even our moods mimicking the mood of the song.

Phone a friend

Some days, you may just need to talk it out and vent to a close friend or family member. Holding in emotions and frustrations can often leave you restless and acts as a poor coping mechanism. You can meet up for coffee or lunch and talk over your favorite food or snack. Or, if pressed for time or the need to distance, a good friend is always a phone call away.

Have a laugh

Laughing is a great way to get a quick pick-me-up throughout the day. Try watching a funny video clip or a quick skit from your favorite comedian. A laugh is good for breaking through a mental fog with a quick blast of dopamine. If you can’t manage a laugh, a smile is a great start, too.

From the Acuity Family, we take pride in offering our patients and community various tools to help their physical and mental wellness. If you find these tips just aren’t doing the trick, don’t be discouraged. Everybody is different. Consider seeking the support of a professional if your mood is severely impacting your ability to function and enjoy your day-to-day life.