Location: Morgantown, West Virginia


Responsible for the direct and indirect nursing care of all age appropriate patients. Responsible for the overall direction and supervision of all nursing department personnel during his/her shift. Ensures patient assignments are correct, assists with treatments or administration of medications as necessary, informs physicians of changes in patient’s condition, reviews care of all patients, and acts as overall leader and resource person for the staff. Demonstrates the knowledge and skills to carry out the nursing process when providing care to patients. Satisfies the established standards of the nursing practice, supervises, delegates and coordinates personnel assigned to the unit and patient care. Promotes teamwork with physicians and personnel of other departments. Is part of the Nursing Leadership staff; makes recommendations to improve the delivery of care and overall functioning of the unit.


· Makes equitable patient assignments for staff based on nurse’s ability and patient needs.
· Ensures nursing staff provides age appropriate care.
· If night Supervisor, completes daily midnight census correctly and patient acuity assessments.
· Initiates nursing orders for any isolation type on new admissions, maintains up-to-date isolation precautions and ensures applicable signage is posted.
· Demonstrates competence in basic and advanced skills required for delivery of appropriate care on assigned unit. Provides appropriate clinical assistance to staff members requiring assistance.
· Ensures emergency equipment is operational by checking equipment during assigned shift and documenting without omissions.
· Completes shift report at designated times and relays all pertinent patient information in a concise and efficient manner to oncoming Supervisor, keeping the Clinical Director or others, as appropriate, informed about status of patients and related matters. Supervises complete, timely and accurate documentation of patients’ care.
· Ensures the unit and patient rooms are clean and in a well organized condition.
· Actively participates in development, review and/or revision of policies and procedures and keeps staff informed of new or revised policies and procedures, and reviews their proper utilization.
· Effectively delegates necessary unit and/or patient related tasks to nurse aides, LPN’s and/or staff RNs and assures that assignments are completed promptly and efficiently.
· Participates in monitoring of assigned QA activities.
· Attends monthly Supervisor and staff meetings, as well as attends and participates in unit in-service programs.
· Assists in evaluation/revision of policies, procedures and relevant standards of care.
· Actively participates in unit Performance Improvement Plan by coordinating all necessary review/monitoring of assigned activities on the unit and involves other staff members to fullest extent feasible. Serves as team leader on Process Improvement team.
· Ensures safe, effective and cost-effective patient care practices and reports to supervisor.
· Effectively utilizes the chain-of-command to secure assistance and guidance for problems related to patient care, staff and/or unit problems.
· Monitors and ensures completion of assigned tasks by staff members.
· Routinely practices nursing in accordance with hospital policies and procedures.
· Accurately and thoroughly evaluates own performance at designated intervals and participates in joint goal planning with the Director of Clinical Services.
· Makes rounds at least every two hours during assigned shift and responds to emergency situations.
· Oversees and coordinates the acquisition of supplies and equipment from Central Supply as needed by unit per policy and procedure and in collaboration with Materials Department.
· Reviews the schedule for adequate staffing on a daily basis, coordinates staffing issues as needed, and utilizes staffing in a cost-effective way by adhering to the staffing matrix (i.e., for call-ins, refer to staffing matrix for proper scheduling options).
· Adheres to attendance policy as outlined in the Employee Handbook.
· Acts as Team Leader in Code situations.
· Resolves Med Dispense discrepancies according to policy and procedure.
· Ensures completeness of forms (i.e. EMTALA, Incident Reports, Record of Death, etc.)
· Coordinates and plans nursing interventions with Therapies.
· Communicates with Host hospital nursing supervisor when necessary (i.e. bed arrangements, dietary, etc.)
· Responds to patients’ and families’ concerns, ensuring that each concern is documented and a resolution is initiated.
· Coordinates admission, discharge and transfer of patients.
· Demonstrates procedures related to the use of nursing equipment and supplies.
· Promotes the mission, vision and values of the Hospital.
· Demonstrates satisfactory level of interpersonal skills to interact with facility staff, administration, patients, families, customers, vendors and government agencies.
· Demonstrates honesty and integrity at all times in the care and use of patient and hospital property.
· Patient Rights: Promotes and protects patients’ rights, treats patients with dignity and respect, and reports suspected abuse or neglect.
· Leadership: Demonstrates willingness to try new tasks; generates new ideas for change; evaluates and recognizes priorities; communicates and models organizational values; fosters high performance; receives and reviews employee complaints with assistance of the Clinical Director; monitors and corrects job performance of employees if needed.
· Process Improvement: Applies process improvement methods and techniques; assists in data collection; identifies process improvement in daily work; educates new employees in team process.
· Environment of Care: Demonstrates understanding of fire and emergency procedures; participates in fire and disaster drills; demonstrates understanding of safety and security procedures; applies safety and security precautions; demonstrates understanding of hazardous materials plan; demonstrates proper use of equipment; checks emergency equipment; checks refrigerator temperature.
· Infection Control: Applies hand washing principles during daily work; demonstrates understanding of isolation precautions; recognizes signs and symptoms of infection and complies with the employee health program; demonstrates understanding of the process for identifying and handling infectious waste; maintains personal hygiene; complies with OSHA standards in the work place; demonstrates understanding of cross contamination.
· Information Management: Enters or records accurate data in a timely manner; protects confidentiality of patient information; protects data against loss or destruction; reports suspected violations of security / confidentiality issues.
· Practices safe handling of hazardous materials. Hazards include exposure to blood and body fluids, possible communicable diseases, sharp objects and instruments, assorted chemicals and gasses as listed in the Hazardous Materials Program Manual.
· Complies with measures for preventing exposure to blood borne pathogens.
· Complies with established facility safety practices.
· Adheres to all components of the Hospital Compliance Plan in performing job duties and reports any violations or suspected violations of the Plan to the Compliance Officer.
· Demonstrates professional conduct and complies with hospital and departmental policies and procedures.
· Develops an understanding of responsibilities for recognizing abuse and follows policy for making appropriate referrals/interventions.
· Performs other duties as assigned or delegated by the Nurse Manager.
· Limits access to protected health information (PHI) to the information reasonably necessary to do the job and shares information only on a need to know basis for work purposes.

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