Carl Bartlett is the IT Operations Manager at the Acuity Service Center and been part of the Acuity team for almost 10 years (September anniversary).  He is a proud veteran serving in the army from 1968-1978.

Bartlett comes from a long line of proud service men – many uncles, his father, two brothers and cousins served in various military branches.  Eight years of his military career were stationed in Nϋrnberg, Germany.  He was a missile systems technician and learned electronics from the ground up.  After completing his term he could disassemble and re-build computers.  After discharge, the GI bill covered his degree in computer science.

“After being overseas, I really appreciate this country and the freedoms we have.  If it were not for our forefathers, we would not have what we have today,” said Bartlett.  Other countries are not allowed the freedoms of the United States.  He notes, “In fact, some of the German Nationals I met were amazed to learn that Americans can go from state-to-state without restrictions.”

(He recalls many amazing sites like the bridge that spans the Rhine River, the busiest shipping route in the world.)

While you’re celebrating with your families and friends this Independence Day, don’t forget to give thanks to our past, present and future service men and women!